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Like a breathe of fresh ocean air

What is salt therapy?

There is a reason you feel healthy when you stay by the sea...

Ocean air contains small amounts of salt crystals, which clear and soothe your airways, allowing you to breathe and sleep better. The salt also fights viruses and bacteria inside your lungs.

This natural process forms the basis of salt therapy, where people intentionally inhale salt-infused air to improve their respiratory health.

Working with your body's natural defences

Salt, or saline solution, has been scientifically proven to help your body:

  • Clear excess mucus from airways
  • Reduce inflammation
  • Fight viruses and bacteria
  • Remove dust particles and pathogens from the lungs

The science behind salt

Salt helps the body clear excess mucus from the airways (via osmosis)


Salt helps the body manage inflammation


Salt helps the immune system fight viruses


Salt helps the body remove dust particles and pathogens from airways (via mucociliary clearance)


Over 100 years of scientific evidence

Did you know that researchers at Harvard University recently found that exposure to airborne salt on US coastlines reduced rates of COVID-19 infection and deaths by 25%-30%?

Or that people who nasally irrigated with a saline solution after becoming infected with the corona virus were found to be 8 times less likely to require hospitalisation?

Want to learn more? Check out our library of research papers on the health benefits of salt.

Salt therapy at home with Salin Plus


The power of Salin Plus lies in the salt crystals.

Our salt crystals are laboratory-grown over several weeks, following a patented process.


A small fan blows the salt crystals into the room.

A filter removes 98% of pollutants from the air, which then passes through the salt cartridge. A tiny dose of microscopic salt crystals (< 5 microns) detach from the cartridge and float into the room.


Once inhaled, the salt crystals clear and soothe your airways.

Inside your airways, the microscopic salt crystals work with your body's natural defences to clear mucus, reduce inflammation and fight viruses and bacteria.

Invented by Dr. Constantin Pascu

Salin Plus was invented by health chemistry engineer Dr. Constatin Pascu, who noticed his own bronchitis improving when he grew salt crystals as a hobby.

Gold medal - 51st Eureka Exhibition for Innovation, Research, and New Technology, Brussels, Belgium.

Silver medal - 30th International Exhibition of Inventions, New Technology and Products, Geneva, Switzerland.


Natural mineral salt with trace elements (Mg + CaCl2 )

Commitment to research

In 2022 Halo Plus founder Cameron Hay created a new company, Rescude BV, to develop salt therapy as an evidence-based treatment for long COVID.

A small pilot study with long COVID sufferers in the Netherlands yielded positive results. The next step is a controlled, randomised trial with a larger subject group.

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Better than a nasal spray or nebulizer

Simply set and switch on, for hours of salt therapy treatment.

Microscopic salt travels deeper into airways than sprays or mists.

Try Salin Plus for yourself

Now you can try the health benefits of salt therapy at home and risk-free.

Order your Salin Plus today, receive it within 3 days, and if you are not 100% percent astounded by how Salin Plus helps you to breathe and sleep better, return it for an immediate and full refund on your purchase price.